Wholesale & Sales Tax Exempt

Sales Tax

US States except State of Illinois

No Sales Tax

In accordance with applicable state and local laws, we are required to charge sales tax in localities where Truecolor usa Inc. has operations. Truecolor usa, Inc. does not benefit from the collection of sales tax and we remit all taxes collected directly to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction.


Illinois Customer & Tax Exempt

Orders shipped to the State of Illinois will have all applicable state and local sales tax added to your total order. For Tax Exempt, customers need to provide Illinois Business Tax ID or called Resale Number from the State of Illinois. After checking status of your Business Tax ID, we can assign your account as Tax Exempt Customer.

Please E-mail us your photo copy of Illinois Business Tax ID as below.

E-mail : oro@truecolorwholesale.com

Resale number 


Non-US Countries

No Sales Tax

All the customers from out of U.S are not charged Sales Tax but you may pay import duty depending on Trade agreement between US and the country.